Teleworking is a work model where the employee performs his functions from home and uses information technology to carry out his functions. However, have you ever wondered, how to carry out the contractual processes of your company with your employees remotely?

Contract management is, along with payroll, one of the most complex tasks for an entity. This is why at Digito we are dedicated to solve the pre-signing, signing and post-signing processes, focusing on the efficiency of the processes and also on the correct contractual management.

We discovered that the best solution to simplify this task is to have a tool that allows you to automate these processes in the human resources department where you can:

Document Generation

We know the documents you need, so here you can find templates for the development of your contracts, which you can fill out dynamically and quickly.

Signing in real time

You no longer have to attach and send, now you can see everything in real time.

Receive process notifications

Digito is your virtual assistant, you will be able to receive notifications whenever interactions or modifications are made to the document you are working on.

Manage policies

Once you finish the process you will be able to tokenize your document and get all the benefits of our technology.

Tracking and Billing

We believe it is very important for you as an employer and for the employee to verify that the contractual terms are being complied with, so that you can follow up on the clauses and commitments agreed upon.

In Digito you have the best tool to manage everything related to hiring and the labor relationship with your employees. 


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