Start accepting payments in crypto

and be part of the new Digital Economy

Integrate Dira Pay and start accepting crypto payments online. Accept Bitcoin and other crypto currencies at your company, website, store and social media accounts globally. A payment solution for everyone Dira Pay puede usarse como una solución de pago de cripto en diferentes industrias. Turismo, automotriz, retail, E-commerce, entretenimiento

Pagos en criptomoneda

Be part of the new

Digital Economy

When you start accepting payments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. You will be amazed at how many advantages cryptocurrencies have compared to traditional payment methods.

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    • How Does It Work?

      Integration with e-commerce platforms

      We can easily integrate your e-commerce website with the following platforms:


      With Dira Pay you only pay 3% of the value of each transaction, we will not charge you setup fees or hidden monthly amounts.

      Does your business require to support massive payments in crypto?

      Supported wallet types

      We support the main existing wallets in the market.

      Start accepting crypto payments today!


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