The Colombians behind the Bitcoin revolution in El Salvador

Scrummers; A Colombian-American Company, part of the leading team in charge of the technological development challenge brought by “the Bitcoin law” in El Salvador – will undoubtedly catapult the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based technology in Latin America.

In the past 2 months, El Salvador has undergone one of the most important digital transformations in the world, thanks to the adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender, after the approval by the legislative assembly last June.

Since then, Chivo Wallet, the first legal tender crypto wallet in a country in the world, took on the challenge of becoming the main method of making transactions with Bitcoin. Helping people in the process of adopting the new technology.

The challenge was so demanding, Chivo Wallet power by Athena Bitcoin Inc., decided to allied with Scrummers, a Colombian born company with headquarters in Miami, Toronto and Bogotá that for the last 12 years has been dedicated to kickstart disruptive projects with new technologies, Fintech, blockchain and crypto, as recently revealed in one of the most important Bitcoin and Blockchain events in Latin America -Labitconf.

Thanks to the collaborative work between Athena Inc. and Scrummers, Xpay (Crypto exchange platform) and Cobru (digital wallet team ) Chivo Wallet today supports more than 4 million active users on the platform, which is also integrated into a network over 200 bitcoin ATMs distributed throughout El Salvador.